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How do I start posting messages?

When you first visit the forum (using the address: http://www.falconryforum.co.uk) you will be shown the front portal screen. This is like a summary screen showing current active threads and members of the forum.

On the left hand side of this screen you should see a menu box entitled "Site Navigation". This is a summary of all the areas in the forum. Either click on the title itself, or any of the link in the box below to enter the forum area.

If your account has been registed and activated correctly the you should be able to see a button near the top on the left which allow you to start making posts in a new conversation.

In the list of the threads displayed, if you wish to participate, just click on the name of the thread to start reading the posts made so far. You should see buttons (there are two for convience, one at the top of the list, one at the bottom), which would then let you post your comment.

If you're still unable to post or was shown an error message, please contact support for help.

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