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Ltehs63 21-02-2018 11:26 PM

Bamboo Mew??
I have been thinking of building my mew with bamboo fencing. The idea originally was to use pine with 4'x8' sections and use 2"x2"x8' boards as the bars spaced out. I want to make it where it would be easily taken apart and reassembled elsewhere if need be (I rent). Now I am thinking of possibly using bamboo fencing because it would be easy to roll up, lightweight, and durable. The only con I could think of is that it could be flimsy and I thought I could use steel rods as re-enforcement on the corners and in the middle of each section.

Is this feasible? Are there any potential problems you could foresee, cons and pros? And does anyone know of someone using bamboo that would have some advice/photos?


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