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Ian Vance 30-07-2015 06:44 AM

Wrist length gloves
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Wrist length: Suitable for medium to small hawks, Barn owls. Tawny owls, Tiercels, Merlins, Kestresl and Sparrowhawks etc.

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 Free delivery .
 Dispatched within 48 hours.
 Full refund if not satisfied.

To order simply visit: www.falconryequipment.com

Click on the “gloves” link.

There’s also a full range of other products: Gloves (Ladies, Single, Double, Triple thickness’, for left & right hand)
Also: Hoods, Bow perches, Block perches, Jesses, Anklets, Swivels, Baths and much more.
Free P+P within the UK (Unfortunately there will need to be a shipping charge to Europe). Dispatched within 48 hours. Payment can be made by credit, debit card or Pay pal.
email to: sales@falconryequipment.com
Tel: 0115 9203 682.
Callers welcome; simply phone me to arrange a suitable day/time etc.
(By Ian Vance, Nottm. IFF Sponsor).

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Ian Vance 30-07-2015 06:02 PM

Re: Wrist length gloves
Should anyone place an order could they please mention the forum please?...Thanks.

Ian Vance 02-08-2015 05:52 AM

Re: Wrist length gloves
Yes I also supply gloves in small ladies size and also in "Right" hand for anyone who is a leftie. Thank you for you enquiries.


Ian Vance 18-08-2015 07:25 AM

Re: Wrist length gloves
Anyone going to Jemima's on Sept 5th & 6th?
I'll have my usual trade stand there with fresh stocks of these wrist length gloves.

Call in and say hello!


I Love My Dog 29-04-2016 05:13 PM

Re: Wrist length gloves
If you want one email him great service.

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