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Gabrihicks 08-06-2017 12:25 AM

Hello! Im 16 and Im wanting to join the sport of falconry for about 3 months now. Theres a meeting in about a week where the begginers go to meet people and get books and such. Id like to go and try to find a sponsor. IVe done hours of research made a budget planned and even contacted my local falconry association.

The only problem is..

Im still in highschool and my mother doesnt think I will have time to correctly train, bond, and hunt with this hawk. Even though my sponsor is there going to help me.


Thanks, Gabri

SloeHawk 08-06-2017 11:51 AM

Hi Gabri

I am always keen to encourage young Falconers into the sport, I have found the 3 types of Falconers that that often seem to do very well are either unemployed, self-employed or Juniors I will apologise for categorising them like this but I have no other way of to explain it.

Also you need to win your mother over as you will need a supportive family, find a sponsor and start your apprenticeship first and show your commitment to your sponsor and your mother and see how it goes.

Many UK falconers perception of the apprenticeship system in the USA is that is a very good system and would stop a lot of the problems we have over here.

Am I correct that you can trap your own hawk as your first hawk in the US?

The reason I ask this that many well-meaning parents often buy a hawk for their child who soon becomes disenchanted with the whole falconry thing and you end up with an unwanted hawk, I suppose in your case should it not be the lifestyle you think it is it would always be possible to release your hawk.

In the UK we cannot just release a hawk as ours are all sourced from captive bred stock and probably could not hunt for themselves and very often not an indigenous species that could be released.

I wish you well for the future and donít give up



BradazTheFalconer 08-06-2017 05:20 PM

Hi Gabri,

I posted on your intro. I am another young Falconer, 16 as you are and a week from finishing the U.K's equivalent of high school. I have been interested in Falconry since the age of nine, it's been a passion since then and it has already given many amazing opportunities. I am volunteering at a local centre to gain more experience as well as a qualification known as the Raptor Award. I believe there is only one place in the U.S that offer this. This may change however it is a U.K based programme. I very rarely get to interact with others of my age group that are interested in Falconry. It's refreshing to see someone else of my age getting into it as well.

The Falconry experience, as a beginner, is very different due to the compulsory apprenticeship scheme Clive has mentioned above from the U.S to the U.K. We have lots of issues over here of people buying birds either in-experienced or only to illegally release them into the wild. I am in agreement with Clive that having a basic compulsory education system for keeping a Bird of Prey would be a good idea in the U.K. If you honestly believe that Falconry is for you then I would say go for it! The main reason that I haven't got a bird yet is because I was still in school and lifestyle just didn't allow the commitment needed for a bird. I hope this will change soon and may open up an opportunity however if I'm volunteering with birds anyway, there may be no need. I would say keep looking for a sponsor and attend every event possible. By mixing with knowledgeable people, you'll definitely increase your chances of finding a sponsor and getting your name heard. Building up contacts will support you well through learning and also when you have your bird.

Best of luck finding a mentor and I'm glad you found the forum.

Kind Regards,


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