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Default Re: Black Saker from China

I have personally kept two falcons in China, one is the light morph and the other black saker which is close to Altai in bloodline I guess. The lighter one is more inclined to attack bigger prey like rabbit or even stoats but the dark colored saker is more interested in chasing smaller prey such as pigeon or hamster. I am not sure if it is correlated to the plumage of the color in terms of their preference on the prey items.

Originally Posted by EagleMan View Post
I like this type of saker very much. It's more beautifull and eye cathching than those dark sakers that everybody seems to be crazy about.

This female is very big at 1 650 grams.

Surely she is best fitted for hunting large birds like gooses and cormorants.

Any sakers above 1700 grams is really large. unlike the gyrfalcon whose bulkiness comes from the thick feathers, sakers are more structurally athletic.
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