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Default Losing one's Dog.

Hello to all members,
Just a brief question regarding dogs. I've been around dogs ever since I was approx 5 years of age, keeping working Jack Russell's. And I had a little Russell bitch who used to work along side my Musket. The year was 1980 and I was a young lad of just 15 years of age and I will never forget that fateful day as my Musket had just successfully accounted for several birds to the bag; Blackbirds and Tree Sparrows of which I'd obtained a license to take so many in number. Jez, my bird was an excellent Blackbird Hawk but upon that day he flew a Song Thrush and unfortunately hit a farmers barn window, breaking his neck. The end of a great hawk and of course myself devastated in the process. 3 years later my little dog Betsy, age just 7 met her untimely death upon the road, by now I was a little older but still only the tender age of 18 and the other loss of my dog was of course a double blow to myself.
Over the years I continued to work the Terriers and breed my pups mainly for myself. Still interested mainly in Sparrow Hawks and Goshawks.
I was severely ill in 2007 and at one stage I was on deaths door but survived and I'm sure the thought of my 3 Terriers gave myself the will to live. Unfortunately a few years ago I had to bury Tramp and Thatch due to old age. Tramp living until the ripe old age of 17 and Thatch 15 years of age. However, I had their daughter a little bitch called Topsy but she had to be put to sleep a few weeks a go now. The dog was the most loyal and intelligent dog I'd ever known and fortunately owned and bred by myself. She was there for myself when I came out of hospital after my prolonged stay of 9 months and saw myself nearly crucified through the dark days of depression. I'm totally devastated like never before and I'm dogless for the first time within my life.It has been that bad my Doctor had to send the (crisis) team out to see myself due to suicidal thoughts.
Many people who don't, or who have never had dogs will perhaps think I'm some kind of fruitcake, stating the simple fact "It was only a dog".Surely some great men on here have loved and lost a dog or perhaps even a bird that you have loved. I'd just like to hear from any members please if they have had similar experiences with their beloved dogs.
I just need some advice or even a private message of other people's thoughts.
A great many thanks for reading and listening. Regards, David..
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