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Default Out Shooting This Morning

Had my first proper session out with the new BSA Ultra SE 177, I have fitted a shroud over the barrel rather than a silencer and put an AGS Cobalt 6-24 x50 scope on, after trying lots of different pellets I found JSB Exacts in 4.53mm were by far and away the best through it.

Anyhoo out early and shot in and around a couple of farm yards ended the couple of hours with 28 woodies, 7 doves (but lost one to a sneaky Spar) getting it before I sent in Bomber to retrieve the main thing was the pelet went straight through so shouldn't affect the Spar after eating it. Also had a very small rabbit which for some reason was enjoying running into the flock of woodies.

The wierd thing was I did not see a single feral pigeon all morning.

Will be needing plenty more mornings out to keep the birds in good moulting food and the ferrets and their babies well fed as we have 2 litters growing quickly and a couple of litters still to be born.

Keep Calm and get the lure out if you need it!
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