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Default Re: Books for a Beginner

Originally Posted by FlyingFast View Post
Hey everyone, I want to get into Falconry at some point, so right now I am trying to learn everything I can from any resources possible. I have been watching the videos in the tutorial section and they have been super useful so far, even in just helping me learn terminology and seeing stuff from a different angle (not one a TV presenter would use).

Something I need now is some books. I asked at the library around me and they didn't really have too much so I am looking at ordering some books online, I just need to know what books to get! Does anyone here have some suggestions for a good Falconry beginners book, as well as some intermediate ones as it is always good to try and learn more. I want to have a good understanding of falconry before I even start talking about a bird, and I think some books would be a great start. Any suggestions welcome
I'm also just starting out, so hi! I know you are in the U.K., but check out the California Hawking Club's Apprentice bookshelf. It has some great suggestions. I'm currently reading Hawks in Flight by Phillip Dunne and another one, Falconry and Hawking, The Essentials, by Philip Gold. You can get them on amazon in hard copies or Kindle. Good luck with your apprenticeship!
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