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Default Re: Books for a Beginner

I am very new to falconry and after some reading online I saw the name Frank Beebe several times so I looked him up and read about him. He passed in 2008 I believe but I bought everything he wrote. "A falconry manual" is where I started. I then got his book "North American falcons". Then "Hawks, falcons and falconry" I got at a used bookstore along with "the complete falconer". I have spent a few hard earned dollars on material but I read before bed. I read out loud to my son's at breakfast and on my lunch. I am a beginner. Pre apprentice and I have been reading for some time now because I want to work with someone before I take the exam. Plus in VA you need a sponsor to take the test and I don't just need one on paper. If you get those books you are sure to be headed in the right direction along with learning how to make the equipment while learning how to fly and care for your soon to be bird.
Any experienced Falconers please correct me if I am wrong with this answer.
Hope that helps.

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