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Default Re: Imprinting the Old way.

Originally Posted by Falcon3D View Post
I am always reading about not the carrying the chicks initially. I have my 20 day old spar in a fish tank with astro turf inside. How am I supposed to take him out to roam around and play if I don't pick him up?
Support the feet, then move slowly to where you want him.

Originally Posted by MattSpar View Post
And also, whilst at this stage, imprinting has yet to take place so the manner in which it is moved has no bearing.
I disagree, the bird may not see as you say, but definitely feels the movement not forgetting it, will connect that movement later with hands. Young birds who cant see as you say, will use reflex or instinctive grabbing with the feet, not all but many do. They don't have to see to learn, that's why they have ears.
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