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Default Re: Flicker Male PR Pere x Prairie

Took him to the duck pond with two friends - 6.00pm.

Expected that the tide would be in but it was out.

Put him up 300yrds from the pond he went a good 600ft.

We walked the last 100yrds and he stooped at the pond - i don't know what at as u cannot see the water.

He remounted to the same pitch and we walked the pond and clapped - two Teal left from the far left of the pond and he went them - not sure how they jinked him as there is trees behind and it was hard to see what happened - but he chased them off for a few hundred yards.
We backed off - he came back and he remounted a little lower - we walked to the pond again - two Mallard were on the middle so we all clapped at them but a Teal went from the right reeds he stooped hard at it but it looped back throwing itself into the reeds.

I called him in the lure and fed him.

1lb 2 1/2 oz - He was a little lower pitch tonight but really tight waiting for us to flush.

Regards Terry
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