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Default Re: Flicker Male PR Pere x Prairie

Update on the past few days.

Saturday took him to the farm late 5.45pm.

Just me and the dog. Put him up over a ditch line - on spec really but there is always Pheasants here.

He mounted quickly and was climbing all the time I was beating -after two or thee minutes the dog was winding and we flushed young hen - he was about 600-700ft up and to my right quite far - I shouted to him but the Pheasant had gone 40 yards before he started stooping. They went off round the hedge and I tracked him about 150 yards where I found feathers on the field, and him in the ditched eaten the head of the bird. It was a young hen, tail not full down but a big bird for him. There was some feathers in the tree above them too - I don't know whether bound to it or knocked it down first. Took me five minutes to find him it was well dead, its eyes were gone.

1 lb 2 1/2 - 3/4 between at 4.00pm

There's some photo's of the kill attached.

Sunday - 6.00pm again on the same ditch but much further up - bit more cover here.

With Phil Hawkes, me brother and Jess the dog.

Same pitch as yesterday - waiting on for a good ten minutes whilst we beat - he checked and came straight back - he went a BB but I don't know what happened as we could not see down the hedge. Then he re mounted to about 300ft and the dog was pointing - all got a bit frantic as me and the dog were trying to flush the bird that had run along the ditch. It flushed about 40yards away and the bird was about 300ft but away to the side - he stooped leveled and bound to it, they dropped down about 100yards away and then he came up again so I called him in and fed him.

Great day today - he flew lovely for me - waiting on a treat for ages.

He loves the beating - makes him right on me.

1lb 2 1/2 - 3/4 between


Left it til late and went to the duck pond near home 6.00pm.

Tide was in.

Put him up 200 yards from it - quite windy - he went off as usual climbing nice. I looked for him a few times and he was there then i walked some and couldn't see him. I minute of two then I seen him stooping at the pond 3 or 4 times - I'm still 100 yards from it.

Then he comes over me hovering at 100ft - I'm well gutted but should have fed him then I suppose.

But no - I walk up the field trying to get him to go up, then he goes back the pond still 100 yards away for a few more stoops.

A right mess it was - anyway foolishly I then walk back to the pond and flush the ducks - loads of them 10 Mallard and 6 Teal about - he stoops at the Teal and they loop back to the pond and I'm gutted.

Know way were they going to flush clean after all the aggro.

Not sure what to do about this - this pond is a great set up - a real shame he stooped at the ducks - he done this the other day just one stoop though then mounted ok.

Perhaps I shouldn't try to fly this pond with him for a while - but I will cos its so close to home and a perfect set up.

Gutted today thought - could have been great.

Those Teal have know where to go if you flush them properly.

Will try to fly him tomorrow - but not sure as have a meeting at work in the evening.

Will try to get off in the afternoon if I can

1lb 2 3/4 - so a bit over but I'm sure that's not why he played up.


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