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Default Re: Flicker Male PR Pere x Prairie Falcon

Update for today

Out tonight over the farm with me brother and the spaniel/whippet.

Saw some Redlegs near the farm house they were settled nicely by the hedge - drove past them a few times getting water barrels for the drinkers and they were in the same place each time over a twenty minute period.

It was really windy - probably far too windy but I couldn't resist not having ago.

I put him up 200 yards from them down wind where they cannot see me because of the hedge.

He goes off down wind and starts to pitch probably 300 - 400 ft but well back a few hundred yards - he was battling to get back to me but struggling and did another circle now higher but another 100 yards further back. Then he stooped but never came up.

He was on the far side of the field behind and had killed young Pheasant Cock - just half grown or so.

Took me ten minutes to get to him and he had already eaten its head.

When I looked at the bird it wing was really smashed on the elbow - it was was broken - don't know whether he hit it flying but I assume so - it was a very sharp stoop - not the slanting type.

Gutted he killed his first check tonight - hope its not another nail in the coffin of him waiting on for me.

Glad it weren't a Pigeon though.

Duck pond tomorrow.

Will be much more careful of the strong winds from now on.

I must be more disciplined myself.

1.2lb 1/2 oz


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