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Default Re: Flicker Male PR Pere x Prairie

Originally Posted by TerryS View Post

Thanks for your advice - just having a go.

Been out today - I'll post the details in the next post.

Can you give me any advice about him stooping at the duck pond when there still on the water.

I'm going there tomorrow - so i'll post what happens.


What you will find Terry is that the praire in him will give him the balls of an elephant,sometimes this is the come uppance of a great gamehawk!!Be very careful when you flush mallards under him,he could injure himself on the strike or he could get a wing whipping on the ground,he will need to learn his craft very early to come to terms with them,he is a slight bird after all!!!As for stooping at them on water some eyas peregrines will give this a go sometimes,I have even seen them hit water and row towards mallard!!!Wierd but true,they soon learn!!
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