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Default Re: Anyone around?

Hi Iain

Keep plugging away there are a lots of experienced Falconers in your area.

It is a big commitment for someone to take a newbie under their wing and you will find it difficult.

I will offer you a day out hunting next season if youíre prepared to travel a couple of hours.

Another way is maybe to volunteer your services to a local falconry centre, I am sure they would be happy to use and abuse you and in exchange help you with the basics and maybe more.

See if you can find a local falconry club, most falconers can be bribed with beer!

You might read on the forum some negative comments about falconry clubs, my experience is some people donít find falconry clubs their cup of tea but often the attitude is what do I get out of the club when the correct attitude is what can I offer the club.

Why not have a day out at the British Falconers Fair, for someone new to the hobby you would find it a great day out with many of the falconry suppliers selling their good and some flying displays also many of the clubs have a stand.

Good luck with your quest

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