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Default Re: Would like to learn more

Originally Posted by NewB View Post
The problem I have is , if I buy a bird will I be able to raise and train it correctly . I would rather learn and then buy a bird .
I really don't want the bird to suffer from my lack of experience and knowledge .
Please ignore the above poster as their advice will get you nowhere, other than killing a bird though lack of experience. The first issue that you'll face is your location, Falconry isn't as abundant if Africa as it is in say America or here in the U.K. It will be hard for you although I'm a strong believer that anything is possible with effort and dedication. Your best bet will be looking on sites such as this and reading all the books you can, they will give you a good basic idea of what is expected when owning a Bird of Prey. There is a South African Falconer's Association but I don't know whether their website is down as it didn't load. There is a Transvaal Falconry Club which seems to be still active, I have linked a website of a Falconer who is based in South Africa, may be worth of contacting him. I found a particular thread of of here that is a little old but practically answers your questions of somebody who was inquiring about Falconry in South Africa. I have added a link to this and a few other links that you may find useful.

One piece of vital information for you is that you have to be a member of one of the provincial clubs to be a Falconer in South Africa, I found this from the forum thread I linked for you, it contains loads of information for you. I hope you find all of this useful and you may wish to contact the member on here who seems to know a lot of Falconer's in South Africa, he also posted lots in the thread I linked. It looks as though he's already posted above my post, this would really be worth following up, good luck!



South African Falconer's Association:

South Africa Thread:

South-African based Falconer:

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