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Default Reasonable Behaviour

'Johny, before you go condemning the Mods and jumping to conclusions, you need to get your facts straight first. No infractions were handed out because of this thread. It was another thread and this has been said before, following members around on the forum and taunting them is not allowed'

As said Brandi, here's my response, spare the thread of red, a few points;

1. I was not referring to that thread, so the facts are clear.

2. Who said anyone was following anyone around? Got some sound proof of this have we? Or is it just because someone said it's so?

3. Stop following me around.

4. Are you following me around?

5. How will I know if you are?

6. Or is it so because I say it's so?

7. Now back off, or you'll be infracted.

Get the gist?


P.S I know you spell the second title word differently in your land. That's ok, but leave my alone.