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Default Re: Bird Flu Confirmed In Britain

Originally Posted by Kentish Falconry View Post
Hey thats not nice is it?
It's all to do with Stake Holders when it comes to paying out fees to DEFRA who ends up paying the most? I don't how many birds you have registered in your name but what you have to think about is that the breeder had to pay the same ammount for registration before he sold you the bird as you do to transfer it to your name and also he has to complete the Breeders Cert / Article 10 certificate. Last year a questionaire was sent out by DEFRA regarding new levels of fees and a scale of Increases intended to be phased in over a couple of years. Registration was to be increased to an undisclosed sum (60.00 was mentioned as a starting point) are you aware that the UK are the only EC country that has to have a seperate registration certificate? Article 10 Certs were to be charged for and full Cites were to rise as well. When these figures without the intended rise in Registration Fees were worked out they came to about 270.00 for each bird which for a large breeding project would mean that for 100 birds bred the breeder would have to pay the Government 27,000.00 before they could sell any birds that we don't have to pay now plus a minimum of 6,000.00 for Registration instead of the 1700 we pay now. If the Federation & HB had not challenged this you would now be paying these fees.
A lot of misinformed people seem to think that breeders make a whole lot of money every year but this is not the case, My feed bill alone is around 25,000.00 without maitanence costs, incubators,electric. purchasing new stock to improve bloodlines, paying wages, etc, etc, etc.
Where do you think this 270 per could be found? lets say you wanted a Pere tiercel at 450 and you would then be told you had to pay another 270 on top DEFRA charges to cover what the breeder had paid out to DEFRA. Then we come to registering the bird in you name you would then have to pay out the fees all over again. Would you be happy? no I didn't think so!
The Federation was formed to fight this and to try to cut down on the ammount of money wasted each year within DEFRA & JNCC checking and rechecking paperwork that was issued correctly in the first place.
This proposed set of new charges was for the UK only and not an EC directive so this would put all breeders of Falcons, Hawks and Owls at a disadvantage with the rest of Europe.
Elitist? no I don't think so, we are just trying to protect our rights to Breed and Sell Captive bred birds and to protect your rights as the end user to buy a BOP at a reasonable price or we would end up with a situation like Petrol where we are paying the government more money in Tax than the actual cost of the fuel.
The Breeders were invited by DEFRA to give an oppinion and along with the Hawk Board are fighting for you as well as us, where were you last year when the Questionaire was sent out? did you bother to read it? did you Reply? Tell me you did please or did you just bin it with the rest of the junk mail as it didn't seem to concern you at the time.
When others work on your behalf to try and help you at our own expense, Garry Wall & Andrew Knowles-Brown travel from Scotland to Bristol for these meetings, let alone the ammount of hours we spend reading EC regulations and Countryside & Wildlife Act along with documentation from people Like the RSPB & JNCC and recomendations from Bird Life International and trying to see what the Antis are going to try and pull next to try and stop us. We are a group of passionate breeders who love our birds and our sport and trying to protect the rights of all UK Falconers not just ourselves.
I like many others often wondered just what the Hawk Board actually did now I have a little insight into what goes on I can see just how dedicated to our sport they are and how hard they fight for our rights and they have to have eyes in their backsides to spot some of the things that are hidden in ledgislation that would effect us if they did not challenge it on our behalf.
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