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Hi Gabri,

I posted on your intro. I am another young Falconer, 16 as you are and a week from finishing the U.K's equivalent of high school. I have been interested in Falconry since the age of nine, it's been a passion since then and it has already given many amazing opportunities. I am volunteering at a local centre to gain more experience as well as a qualification known as the Raptor Award. I believe there is only one place in the U.S that offer this. This may change however it is a U.K based programme. I very rarely get to interact with others of my age group that are interested in Falconry. It's refreshing to see someone else of my age getting into it as well.

The Falconry experience, as a beginner, is very different due to the compulsory apprenticeship scheme Clive has mentioned above from the U.S to the U.K. We have lots of issues over here of people buying birds either in-experienced or only to illegally release them into the wild. I am in agreement with Clive that having a basic compulsory education system for keeping a Bird of Prey would be a good idea in the U.K. If you honestly believe that Falconry is for you then I would say go for it! The main reason that I haven't got a bird yet is because I was still in school and lifestyle just didn't allow the commitment needed for a bird. I hope this will change soon and may open up an opportunity however if I'm volunteering with birds anyway, there may be no need. I would say keep looking for a sponsor and attend every event possible. By mixing with knowledgeable people, you'll definitely increase your chances of finding a sponsor and getting your name heard. Building up contacts will support you well through learning and also when you have your bird.

Best of luck finding a mentor and I'm glad you found the forum.

Kind Regards,

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