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Default Re: Falconry co.durham.

Originally Posted by Joejoe View Post
Yeah no problem mate you can have a pop over this weekend all being well, just give me a message and wel get something arranged

Definitely go out with someone first and go out with them for a while and learn as much as possible, then once you've got a mews and all the equipment and mentor and some hunting permission sorted, only then start thinking about getting a bird (which should be a Harris hawk or red tail for a beginner) but even beginner birds need allot of time putting into them, just because people say there a beginners birds doesn't mean there easy though
I know its not going to be easy but that doesn't but me off in the slightest just makes me want to do it more i young but im mature so know that its a big responsibility to take on just need the right opportunity and guidance to get started.
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