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Default Re: Emergency First Aid

Originally Posted by Sprout View Post
Nope I'd hope I'd know the difference by now
Although they may be closely linked - hypothermia may result in hypoglycaemia ultimately.
As Kevin's post above shows - common sense is critical.
I should bloody hope so too mate! Lol!

Dont get me wrong Karl, Im all for croptubing with a booster in a bad situation, but Ive seen how easily it can go pearshaped. It terrifies me to think about a total novice shoving tubes and liquids down a small bird's gob. Thats all.

My regards and respect

Originally Posted by Shoney View Post
jannes she was a p/r female flying at 200g. i think the shock and obviously the cold will knock weight off. by the time she was dry she was low in condition and probably weight aswell although i didnt weigh her as i knew she wasnt going to eat of her own accord. im 100% certain she would have been dead had i not crop tubed.

atb kevin
Fair play. I flew two different male Afgosses at that exact weight and I know how fragile they can be.

Best regards
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