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Old 21-02-2012, 09:56 PM
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Default Re: Chalk one up for Telemetry

The 434 system is brilliant. So directional which helps even more when tracking in the dark. The RT UHF transmitters put out a lot of power too.
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Old 23-02-2012, 02:18 PM
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Default Re: Chalk one up for Telemetry

Originally Posted by AlexB View Post
Good stuff, can't understand why anyone would want to not use telemetry, and yours found drowning a poor old much maligned Moorhen Could have been much worse.

Last year I was flying a friends bird and she took on a cracking flight over a field chasing a covey, after about 500m they crossed a road and went up over a house and then lost sight, tracked her down to somewhere round the back of the (very large) house, knocked on the door to be greeted by a nice portly chap who sent me round the back as in his words "there some kind of bird out the back and think it might be yours" when we got round the back she was hanging of a very large Indian Game cock, I quickly apologised and offered to pay for the cockerel only to be told "no need we've been trying to catch him for weeks as he's killed 3 of our other cockerels" so I despatched him and then sat and had a chat with the man and his wife while feeding up the goshawk.

Before I left he said "oh gosh it's a good job she didn't go any further down the garden", so I enquired why? the gentleman pointed to a gate in the middle of a very high Leylandi hedge and told me to have a look through, I did and was greeted by possibly the largest population i have ever seen of ornamental pheasants, there must have been 2 - 300 if not more of stunning birds in fairly large pens.

If the hawk had gone 100m further I doubt I would have got through the gate let alone allowed the permission i now have on the gentleman's land.


Noooooo - who said flying a Harris was supposed to be laid back - I've lost count of the amount of heart-attacks I've nearly had! Flippin good outcome tho atb Suz
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