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Old 09-07-2013, 03:37 PM
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Default AW: Career in Falconry??

Well Well WELL, This was a long time ago. Let me tell you all what has happened since. I finished my a levels and started my foundation degree at Easton college in Ecology and Conservation Management. Unfortunately I got rather ill with Keytonnes and fell behind with my work. The college were real bitches and didnt want to help me catch up. After great thought and time along with the crazy stress of trying to catch up I made the decision to quit and get out there into the world of work. I guess I realised I didnt want to be a student anymore and I also I will be honest, I couldn't stop thinking about birds.A few weeks before I met Mike Willis who (at the same age as me) was running his own Mobile display business. I started volunteering my time when I could and soon found out how great a guy he was and how all his birds were in just wonderful condition and treated with nothing but love and respect. After I left college I got a job as a fundraiser in order to earn some money for a 3 month adventure in France. This trip was the best thing I could of done and I shall never forget it. I made some incredible friends and learnt loads of new skills (Ultimately found myself) Ever since then I have been working with mike and his birds once sometimes twice a week. It didn't phase me one little bit that I had to travel an hour and a half to do this, I was soo keen. I started flying falcons and was learning loads. Today I am writing from my patio watching my Harris preen on his perch, he ate off my fist at 1.8 1/2 at the weekend. Soo happy. I still visit mike each week and help him out at the various game fairs and country shows he attends. I hope to carry on learning loads flying his birdsand also make a success out my harris hawk for the rest of his days. As far as I am concerned this is what I was put on this earth to do. I hope to have a small collection of hunting birds when I have the space and time and I also hope to make a career out of working in displays and educating people about the ecology and conservation of raptors.

Thank you all.
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