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Old 17-10-2017, 12:31 AM
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Default Sources for Conventional Telemetry

Radio Direction Finding Falconry Equipment (2017)

Falconry Radio Direction Finding (RDF) equipment makers come in VHF, UHF or both.

VHF: 173 and 216 in Europe. 216 MHz in North America.
Receivers: Black Falcon (UK), Communications Specialists (U.S.), Luksander (U.S.), Marshall Radio Telemetry (U.S.), Wildlife Materials (U.S.)
Transmitters: Luksander, Marshall Radio Telemetry, Merlin Systems (US), Nuno Patricio (Spain), Sterling (UK)

UHF: 433 to 436 MHz
Receivers: Ayama Segutel (Spain), Marshall Radio Telemetry, TinyLoc (Spain)
Transmitters: Ayama Segutel, Cheap Beep Project (kits, U.S.), Marshall Radio Telemetry, Nuno Patricio, TinyLoc

Anyone who has other sources please add to the list.

Thomas of the Desert
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