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Old 06-07-2014, 11:41 AM
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Default Re: Gundog Training:

Originally Posted by Hawkmaster View Post
I was not allowed to get one of those, so I got a Brit instead.
Lucky escape [Just a joke].
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Old 27-04-2017, 12:07 PM
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Default Re: Gundog Training:

Originally Posted by Neigh View Post
Just dragging up an old post as I was reading over posts and taking in info like a sponge, and found this thread...

I currently don't have a BOP but hope to be starting a basic course and attending a local club shortly with a view to gaining experience...

ANYWAY! I have a 2 and a half year old black lab, and wondered whether it would be too late to train him to be a flusher?!

If I am totally honest I don't have him trained to his best ability and he is really big for a lab.

Has anyone got any experience of training older dogs to do this? I live just outside of Hull so if anyone knows of any local gun dog training I would be very grateful.


Appreciate this is an old post, but for others asking similar questions....

I've just got a six year old Drakeshead lines lab working as a flushing dog. She'd always just been a pet, never worked. She's always been good at scenting blackbirds but generally I thought her nose was ****. I got her interested in duck, she likes water and duck are good because they swim and give the dog a short safe pursuit that gets them excited but doesn't spoil them like chasing on land. I've moved her on to rabbit and pheasant. She's flash pointing occasionally so I'll use a long line and pheasant to train her to hold a point. The best thing is she works close and needs minimal controlling. Put it this way, I've been out of hawking for 10 years but I'm going to start up again because the dogs working so well. A happy accident but it can be done
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Old 26-10-2017, 08:49 AM
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Default Re: Gun dog Training:

Originally Posted by Himiko View Post
Carole: Your dog will always hunt the way you train and if not kept obedient will not be obedient. If you can not enforce your expectations then the dog will display theirs. When ever trouble starts back up to the training progression BEFORE the training issue that has dissolved. Usually there has been a lack of understanding on the dog's part of what is required/desired and that progression was not solid so things built upon that are easily dissolved.

I totally agree with this. Take my cousin; for example, who owns a Pointer (dog breed) and trained him for a while with one of those dog training collars, after that, their hunts went smoothly moving forward. Determination and perseverance is the key to having a trustworthy and obedient hunting companion.
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