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Default Re: Squirrel,s meet the Rapid7

Cracking bag of squirrels Andy, I cage trap them as well as shooting and if you drive past your flying ground every day, live on it, or exercise your dog there and you can get permission to trap this is an alternative to shooting squirrels.

Look for signs of deer badgers and foxes; avoid these areas, don’t be tempted to tree mount the traps as too many song birds are attracted in. Traps are best located near mature fruiting trees such as oak, beech or chestnut. Once a suitable location has been established the ground should be levelled off to provide a secure flat base for the live cage trap.

The trap must now be covered. Firstly cover the trap with cardboard or plastic sheeting to provide shelter. Next cover the whole thing (being careful not to obstruct the entrance) with logs, branches and leaves; rocks can be placed on top to help secure the trap if necessary.

Pre-baiting of traps is necessary if you aim to consecutively trap greys this aims to familiarise squirrels in the area of the trap. To pre-bait a trap, secure the trap door permanently open with a cable tie and bait the trap as described below for one to two weeks. Revisit the trap to replace food when necessary. The use of whole maize bait can show if the bait is being taken by squirrels – squirrels are the only animals that will remove the soft germ of the maize, and discard the hard yellow kernel. Wood mice will chew and split the whole maize kernel.

If trapping is aimed at a single/occasional squirrel, a pre-bait period is unnecessary. The trap should be fully armed and baited straight away as the squirrel may not remain in the area for long.

After the pre-bait period commence trapping if there is evidence that squirrels are visiting the trap.
Don’t trap in freezing weather it’s too harsh both for squirrels and by-catch.

Bait the back of the trap using whole maize, being careful not to obstruct the treadle (other bait such as peanuts or hazel nuts in their shells can be used if necessary). Place a small amount of food in the entrance to attract the squirrel into the trap.

Once set, all traps should be visited twice daily, first thing in the morning and again at dusk. In a period of absence, a disarmed trap can be locked in an open position with a cable tie and baited to ensure that it continues to attract squirrels.

If a red squirrel or any non-target species has been accidentally caught simply release it.

When a grey squirrel has been caught it will be necessary to humanely kill the animal, I tend to use trapping combs to secure the squirrel at one end of the trap and then dispatch with an air pistol however if it is to be used as hawk food then it should be dropped into a sack or pillow case and as it moves to the corner hit hard once on the head (I use a hammer).
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Default Re: Squirrel,s meet the Rapid7

Originally Posted by Lascelles View Post
It looks "The Dogs" but not sure I could carry it lol.

What's the total weight, power output & realistic killing range?

Is that a night-sight?

Hi dont get chance to get logged on that often so sorry for late reply not sure on total weight power i can change but at 28 ftlbs with 14.3 grain i can shoot rabbits out to 100/120 yrds with good clean kills. its not a night-sight its a sony camcorder with night sight and a 300 mw nite-hunter lazer cheaper and a better picture than all gen 1 and ive tried a fair bit of night vision kit

ATB Andy
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Default Re: Squirrel,s meet the Rapid7

Belter mate
listen always youre never to old to learn ,:yawinkle:
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