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Old 08-06-2013, 03:19 AM
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Default Re: Summer time Rabbit control?

There are manny ways to control rabbits GAS isnt one of them it's indiscriminant (spelling) you gas a set and you kill everything that mooches there, stoats. mice, rats etc. etc,you will more than likely kill the rabbits predators aswell as them which isnt the objective, this time of year an air rifle would be my choice at night or about now when you can quite easilly stalk them and pick youre target, long netting has as been mentioned can be used to great effect, depends on youre experiance with the long net, you can ferret this time of year there are no nests of balled rabbits in the sets the young are never born in the set, and are only moved there when they are capable, young rabbits tend to bolt straight away however the older ones will face the ferrets so you have to be prepared to dig in, if you use a 2" mesh the young ones will generaly escape, lamping with a dog is another method that can quickly reduce numbers (depending on how good you are, and the dog) walking rabbits up this time of year can be affective but most if not all walked up will be bucks, again you would need a nose dog and a running dog or a dog with both traits. back to the long net we used to use terriers to push the rabbits into the nets at night but you can quite easilly set the nets and use a lamp alone to drive the rabbits, drop box's dead fall traps are ok, but you need to know the land inside out, they are static and depend on the rabbit walking onto them, they wouldnt be my choice, even with alot of ground knowledge placeing them is hit and miss, and they are at times hard work to place, digging the hole whare you want it isnt most of the time easy, me personaly i would go either the air rifle or the long net, best wishes with it.
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Old 08-06-2013, 10:21 PM
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Default Re: Summer time Rabbit control?

Thanks to everyone who has offered their experiences and opinions. I haven't even seen the site yet but I do know that snaring, long nets and dogs would be out of the question. I wouldn't personally participate in the gassing thing and whilst I like the idea of shooting I'm aware of just how lamp shy Rabbits become. Drop boxes certainly are seeming like the right option. Atb Derry

PS I'll bate those in mind for the rabbit requests.
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