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Old 29-04-2010, 05:59 PM
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Default Re: Please, please sponsor me!

Day 4:

I was told off for being too dramatic when I typed the last two days; so today I thought I would start with a joke: Two cannibals are sharing a clown. One turned to the other and said 'does this taste funny to you?'

One the eve of yesterday we shared the hostel with three 60-somthing ladies who put us all to shame with their fitness and humour. We were soon laughing and joking and our own Waldorf & Statler quickly turned into Morecambe & Wise as they tried to out-do each other in front of the aged aphrodities.

Fortunately, one of the ladies was a kirop... cherop... 'foot-doctor-lady'. She soon had Craig on his back and his pants and socks off as she had a look at his foot. Two of his blisters had turned quite septic and needed treatment which she gave instantly and while only slightly inebreated.

Oh. I have previously forgot to mention that on the end of Day 2 Simon 'The Map' Mason was allowed to have a quick look at our map. Ten paces later he'd managed to loose it...*

Today we hiked from the Bridge of Orchy to Altnafeadh which was 15 miles. Part of the route was over Rannach Moor that is cheerfully described as a chilly yet apt alternative to hell. *Wonderful.

The walk wasn't too bad at all and we were often walking in the warmth of the sun. It served to lift our spirits and we all finished the day on a high. One thing myself, Adam and Mason did do was dip our feet into a stream. As our tootsies floated next to discarded beer bottles and fag ends the days aches soon disappeared - along with all feeling

Upon returning to the hostel I had several beers an decided to open surgery starting on Craig's feet. Quite frankly none of us are sure how he is managing to walk. He has an open wound about the size of a 50 pence piece which is repeatedly filling with puss. I know I couldnt keep going if I had that type of injury.

Tomorrow we will be walking the Devil's Sraircase, through Kinlochlevebn and hope to end the day with seven miles to hike on Friday.

Day 5:

We started the day by wishing Nunkie Paul a happy birthday and approached the beginning of this walk with some trepidation. Devils Staircase loomed before us and we began to trudge ever upwards. Bizzarely the zig-zagging path was really easy.*

Unfortunately, the guide book writers forgot to mention Satan's Chute, Lucifer's Lift and Damien's Dumplings... It has been a hard fought 13 miles today. *

Jo was fit enough to join us again and was able to complete the day with minimal pain. Craig carried on and has earned the respect of everyone involved. He's been in evident pain and has struggled every step yet he hasn't missed a mile - a meter even. If you know Craig Armstrong and are about to sponsor him then double your amount because he has, quite frankly, earned the sponsorship tenfold.*

The rest of us are well enough except for the inevitable blisters and aches. At the end of the walk today I took a dip in a deep stream and endured the ice cold agony until all feeling was happily lost

We finished the walk and stopped for a quick pint where we bumped into the 'golden girls' we met two nights ago. We're now in the bus heading back to the hostel for Paul's birthday meal.

We now only have seven miles left to walk tomorrow and complete the West Highland Way. Afterwards we hope to be able to take Paul, Lauren & Ken out to say thanks for paying the same as us yet spending their time cooking, cleaning and clearing up after the team.*

This walk has been far more mentally challenging than the Coast to Coast in 2008. Once again, today I was suffering with my mental motivation when I happened to catch a glimpse of a distant RAF Seaking Helicopter out on patrol; a similar helicopter was used to help the RNLI on their rescue attempt the night of the accident. This, like the fighter jet, gave me the will to push on.

Thank you all so much for supporting us. Andy.
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Old 30-04-2010, 03:31 PM
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Default Re: Please, please sponsor me!

Day 6:

We had a late start today owing to copious amounts of alcohol the night previous. I also think we were all relaxed enough knowing that we only had 7 miles left.

Lauren joined us for the whole walk today and we decided to teach her 'man skills' which included long distance spitting, farting the alphabet, catching a thrown water bottle with one hand, scratching particular areas and how to pee standing up Her place amongst us has now been earned although I'm secretly worried at how well she succeeded in the last test.

I decided to take the 'iHat' to a new level by developing the 'iJacket'. This involved the ipod dock being inserted into the front of my waterproof which soon resulted in the hills being alive with the sound of - Queen & Fat Bottomed Girls. Unfortunately, the ipod dock got a bit damp, resulting in it shocking me several times until it fused itself to my nipples. The failure of the iJacket led to the inadvertant invention of the 'iBra'...

The walk was steady and easy going with the sun high overhead; after a couple of hours we met our drivers and changed into our white RNLI t-shirts. Rather predictably the rain began to fall heavily as soon as the van drove past. *As we trudged along the path we were soon drenched to the skin thus making our white t-shirts somewhat see through. I'm pleased to say that due to this Adam has become the 2010 winner of the Fort William wet t-shirt contest

As with the 2008 Coast to Coast the finish line caught us by suprise and the walk ended with the deafening silence of a spectatorless post that declared the walk over. Paul & Ken were there to meet us as was a Fiat Punto full of Chavs drinking and revving their engine.

We clapped each other on the back, paused for a photo and legged it to the mini bus before we got even more wet. Now it is an hour transfer back to base where we can shower and go out to celebrate.

Thanks for reading and supporting.

Andy & the Team**
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