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Default Re: Frieda

Originally Posted by Barry View Post
How are you getting on with that Heeler RenÚ?
I'm not convinced that Frieda is actually a dog, more of an extreme sports fanatic masquerading as a dog. The first challenge is to remain calm in the face of a creature that has no 'off' switch, fears nothing, is both indomitable and inexhaustible. She does what I ask because we're a team and she reckons I have the best ideas most of the time, apart from the fact that I'm not obsessed with digging up moles. LoL
Off the lead I couldn't lose her if I tried and her recall is instant. She'll range out but still never lose sight of me. I've managed to hide maybe a couple of times to see what she'll do and she certainly doesn't panic, she just tracks me back. She can drop something way back, when we're across the fields, and find it immediately I send her to get it. She can select a toy at home, by name or colour, and bring it when told to. When we found a ewe and lambs that had been hit by a car and left dying on a country lane she was more than useful and very serious about it despite never being trained with stock at all. She's clever and focussed.
But I'd honestly say this is a very challenging breed and no matter how intelligent they are or how trainable they are reputed to be it wouldn't take much at all for them to become unpleasant. All the ones I'm told about are aggressive and I can see how that happens. I can spot the signs because I've had bull breeds all my life and it's vital to command the dog's respect without bullying. She comes for affection and almost purrs with contentment, but if I went to her to show affection she'd consider it a weakness and get a bit incy.
She's young still and we have a long way to go because I've made any number of training mistakes and she's fairly unforgiving of mistakes. But it's very very hard work. Want one now, don't you?
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