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Old 09-06-2017, 03:40 PM
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Default Re: Minced meat mix- help?

Hi Rene,
Yes, I found that to be a very interesting read, it was one of the better ones I came across when googling the topic. Finding a vet with a specific knowledge of both owls and prolapses isn't always easy, but if you know of an owl specialist who has experience with this I would love to know their contact details. This one does know enough about avian medicine for me to feel as though my owl is in capable hands as the diet side of things I can fortunately find out more about on helpful forums like this one. The vet had already put 2 stitches into her as a temporary fix and she is on antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication, so I really only need to worry about what to feed her while the medication and stitches do their thing.
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Old 09-06-2017, 09:26 PM
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Default Re: Minced meat mix- help?

Originally Posted by Life-without-pets View Post
Clive, that looks like quite a production effort, how long does this amount usually last you and for how many chicks? It's hard to tell from the photos but do you skin the rats and DOCs too, and do you gut everything? I would have to work out what a good replacement for the pigeon component is, but that might just come in handy.

There has been a bit of talk around legalising falconry, personally I don't mind either way but it would be nice to have more gear available locally postage cost and time can be a real pain, especially for things like swivels and gloves, which sometimes aren't always the same quality advertised. We do have the advantage of getting kangaroo hides easily though, and most of the raptor community here swears by that for jesses.

The barn owl is an adult, she's 12 years old.
The main reason I'm wanting to get the supplements right is that there's a concern she has a calcium deficiency which has contributed to the prolapse. I might not worry about the rest of the vitamins and focus on just supplementing calcium/vitamin D.
Hi. Clive's mix you can do in any quantity just change the 25 to whatever number you want 1 of each 3 of each etc that way you won't need a wheelbarrow
I don't understand why you would have to feed minced food as everything that isn't regurgitated is passed as a sloppy semi liquid form. I don't think mincing it will make it come out any easier. If you give a baby powdered milk it can still get constipation if you get what I mean. Could the vet mean feed minced food so that the bird does not strain when tearing the food?
As for the vitamins I'd be inclined to use the insectivore ones even though generic should be fine. Owls eat insects and even a lot of seed eating birds feed their chicks insects so that would be my choice
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