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Old 15-06-2015, 05:30 PM
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Default Re: Imprinting the Old way.

Originally Posted by Marion Harris View Post
You will find, if you check, that most knowledgable modern imprinters tether downies for short supervised daily periods once they can walk, but before they can bate hard. They run less risk to bone or feather than tethering after penning, and they very soon learn the restrictions of the tether. This produces a steady block bird less likely to bate in later life than if introduced older.

Bowl feeding is just one way to do it. I have found it is what happens once training starts that decides whether a bird is going to be a decently behaved imprint or not, bowl feeding, or finger feeding matters not a jot.

Have you successfully imprinted many birds?


I have imprinted several, Harris Hawks that I used to breed, and was the first in Ontario to do so, raised Prairie Falcon imprints ,Red tails, and Sharpies.

At no point am I an expert, or do I claim to be, but after talking to many people, doing research on what works and the reason it does, with a bit of experimentation I developed the method I use.

Please remember here we are not talking Falcon Mills of mass production but a hobby breeder. This is what works for me, but maybe not for you.

I've had imprints scared of heights, had others follow you around the house like a puppy and enjoy watching TV, but eerr, the problem is of course the poops & wife problem LOL.

Had imprinted Prairies bowing and chirping in their first year well before December, bred Harris Hawks in January, eggs froze so no point. You can breed Harris all year around if you want, but try to incubate the eggs or find decent homes, for them. If you breed for cash the home issue isn't a problem is it ?

Only ever had one screamer, that an adult FM Harris fixed for me,
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