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Old 17-12-2010, 06:31 AM
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Default Being banned

i was banned for a while, that in itself isnt an issue i probably deserved it however there must be a way to infact discribe why the person has been banned and at least give them the chance to defend theire corner! as it is you try and log on and are told you can't, the mods are the judge jurry and exercutioner, so if i like sugar in my tea and they dont i could be banned!
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Old 17-12-2010, 06:45 AM
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Default Re: Being banned


This thread is totally inappropriate and not appreciated. I explained to you why you were banned in a PM. Mods do not just ban because of personal differences or because it amuses us. We do it because members break the forum Terms and Conditions of the forum. There can't be a judge and jury as many times there is only 1 Mod on and a member is being banned because of unruly behavior that needs to be stopped immediately. For this reason, we can't wait until all Mods and Admin log in to voice their opinions as to the course of action needed to take regarding a particular member and a particular incident.

That being said, Mods and Admin many times discuss why members are banned and sometimes that leads to a shorter ban or sometimes it leads to a longer ban, depending on the circumstances. Also, you can always e-mail Paul if you feel unjustly banned.

But these kinds of threads do nothing but stir the pot. If you have issues with why you were banned, you need to PM the Mod that banned you or PM Admin.
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