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Old 08-03-2011, 04:35 PM
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Bjorn Eilers
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Default Living the dream, why was the thread closed?

I was thinking that we are living in a free world where anybody can express his opinion without having to fear opression. I don't know if there were any posts that were removed, but keeping Tony and Phil from posting on said thread???
Then, banning Michael and the other guy for questioning the mod to keep them on there?! We had that kind of leadership here in Germany in 1933-45.
I will probably get banned for writing this but I dont wish to participate in a forum where the mods ban members for expressing their opinion even if the mods don't like the comments.
Any use of my quotes in other forums or papers without written permission of mine, will be prosecuted!
Old 08-03-2011, 04:42 PM
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Paul Hill
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Default Re: Living the dream, why was the thread closed?

Firstly you posted in the incorrect section (now moved) and secondly please read the reason on thread!
Closed Thread


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