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Old 09-02-2015, 08:07 AM
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Default Re: Harris X goss hybrid

Originally Posted by SoldierHawker View Post
Goshawks are very highly strung and once killing they wd to be hunted hard or boredom and bad habits soon set in! I would say that you could get away with it but only with a matured hawk! A young adolescent Goshawk needs to be flown hard in its first 2-3 seasons of it is to make a good solid hawk!

Ask about people's opinions will vary but that's my opinion based on my experience.

The cross is floored like you said most young do die young and those getting to the entering stage only dispoint.

If your happy with your HH then why change at all? Perhaps that's something to consider?

ATB Bill
the only thing i have against the hh is its slow ass when quarry gets a little head start on it and that extra turn of speed of the goss or the hh/goss hybrid i was thinking about would cope with that

im in a very luck position as i keep the hawks with a friend of mine who is a farmer so if i walk out of the back farm gate i walk on to wide open farmland that is owned by a couple of different farmers who dont mind us walking their land as well how ever up to last year a bloke use to shoot over all the land and if it moved he shot it you know the sort ?

no thought for his future hunting but now he has lost his permission due to his own stupidity and now the game is coming back well plus we seem to be getting a lot of feral pigeons on the land as well

so its looking like a goss is going to have to join the motley crew


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Old 09-02-2015, 06:41 PM
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Default Re: Harris X goss hybrid

Good choice Doug! - certainly will do the trick!
Goshawking it's in the blood! - Born Free Die Wild

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