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Old 20-03-2018, 08:11 PM
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Default Re: Lightforce 170 - but what battery back?

Originally Posted by Tel View Post
well do any of you lamp with your hawk single handed regards tel

A few years ago I had a go at lamping single handed .
It didn't go well to be fair but we also didn't persevere as we would do now .
We tried on land we already knew well and had flown and caught quarry on in daylight .
The problem I had was the Hawk crossing the beam...
Once the beam is broken the quarry run and its just by chance if the Hawk tags one.
I tried putting the Hawk in a tree, post, perch ect but she wasn't overly keen and would rather be with me on the fist if in the dark !
I gave up quite quickly as both I and the Hawk were getting frustrated !

After thinking long and hard about it though......
Unless you are really stuck for time due to work ect or are struggling to find quarry in daylight , What actually is the point ?

I like to see our flights , Its what its about isn't it ?
I cant see as well at dark as I do in daylight so would probably never bother lamping myself again !

Although on that note if someone local ish wanted to invite us along and show us the error of our ways and how its meant to be done , I would be interested just out of interest !
How about you Terry ?

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Old 21-03-2018, 06:58 PM
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Default Re: Lightforce 170 - but what battery back?

Yep your right i too like to see the flights and thinking about it i am going to give it a miss not been a good year this year windy rain regards tel and thanks for the reply
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Old 22-03-2018, 06:27 AM
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Default Re: Lightforce 170 - but what battery back?

Hi there I used to lamp a few years back with my rifle I used a battery used for emergency lighting what are used in suspended ceilings they are light and can fit in a small cartridge bag you get approximately 4 hours of use out of them ask any commercial electrion for one m they are normally free as they have to replace them when working in ceilings in shops etc
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