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Default *Please Read - Forum Policy on Advertising*

Please note that this policy applies to Wanted Ads as well as Sales Ads

There are a few rules about advertising on the IFF:

1. You are not allowed to advertise anything on behalf of another person that is a member and who does not have access to the For Sale Section.

2. No Commercial sales of any kind are permitted unless sponsorship has been arrange via the link below.

Any breech of these rules and members will be removed from the Premium Paid, or Full Featured Users groups and lose the privileges as well as your payment.

Members who wish to have the same privileges as the Premium Paid Users which will give you 100 PMs and full access to the For Sale Section and Arcade amongst other things. (Premium Users will be identified by an Orange username) can pay £10 per year.

Members from the “Basic Registered Members” Group can also choose to pay £30.00 to be upgraded from basic to become a Full Featured User) This group has access to most of the forum features such as hidden features like seeing "Who is Online" or in hidden mode. The inbox for PMs is a huge 200, and the ability to advertise up to 3 clutches and 2 litters per year too. and Much more!

However another new group is an upgrade to Premium Paid Members accounts. Members who have paid £10 to join the Premium Group, and then later wish to join the Full Featured User, will need to pay the additional £20.00 via the link below to enjoy the Full Membership benefits.

I should point out that Basic Members or Registered Members will have access to the For Sale Section and can reply to your adverts, however they will be unable to start threads in that section. They are also only allowed 30 PMs. No posting of adverts in other sections on the forum will be permitted. Repeat offenders will be facing the consequences below.

Finally please note that all the forum T&C will still apply to every member regardless of which group you are in. Bans and infractions will still be handed out to members who breech the T&C and in addition the privileges of your group may be withdrawn for constant offenders. Furthermore anyone who is anyone banned for breaking the T&Cs will not be refunded as already stated.

Members wishing to take out Premium Paid Membership, Full Featured User, upgrade an account or become an Official Site Sponsor, can do so here.

Via this LINK!

Please note that any form of upgraded membership is for a 12 month period and can be renewed annually.

To see the priviledges to each tier group above the the benefits of them please use this link:
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