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Old 23-02-2012, 08:06 PM
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Default Re: Why does the IFF tolerate?

Originally Posted by It's Alright Ma View Post
That's a bit of a strange tact people. The forum expresses often it's commitment to 'holding falconry in a good light' - if offence is caused to the majority of other cultures involved in 'falconry', then it is reasonable to imagine that the majority of those cultures citizens will be at least as offended. Offend the majority involved in falconry you offend the majority entirely - and then you risk damaging falconry, on a global scale. Think you called this one wrong guys, Alison is correct.
Called it wrong? So you think that allowing a video of an eagle on a live puppy is acceptable?

I'm not sure you have read this right Johnny, I removed the video and several other pics, not because I have an issue about the cultural relevance of the content but I have an issue of watching a puppy suffer.
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