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Default Re: (Illegal conduct) tell us your storys

94. follow up request and I am sure I would have been aware of that, it would have been an unusual
95. event to happen within the office.
98. 3 MR. MORAN: Can you wait there and answer any questions.
99. 4 Cross-examined by MR. WALSH:
100. 5 Q. Well as I understand it, and it is certainly admitted because we have had a statement read out,
101. 6 Mr. Shorrock, from Mr. Wilkinson and the letters are marked AW1 and AW2. That is correct, isn't
103. 7 it? - A. I am sorry sir, what are you referring to?
104. 8 Q. The letters that were recovered from Mr. Dawson, the letters recovered written by Mr. Dawson
105. 9 that were found in the premises were recovered by an officer called Wilkinson are you aware of
106. 10 that? - A. I'm not aware of that. As I say the first time I saw them they were in sealed property
107. 11 bags.
108. 12 Q. Right, just give me one second please. Do you recall the letters being marked AW1 and AW2? - A.
109. 13 AW1 and AW2 are a generic pile of exhibits, those exhibits contain documentary items containing
110. 14 including letters.
111. 15 Q. Where were the receipts? - A. Sorry?
112. 16 Q. Where were the receipts? - A. Sorry which?
113. 17 Q. The receipts recovered in AW2. You have produced letters but you haven't produced the receipts?
114. 18 - A. Sorry, which receipts are you referring to?
115. 19 Q. The receipts recovered by the officer? - A. (No reply).
116. 20 JUDGE LANCASTER: To be fair I think Mr. Shorrock should see a copy of his statement.
117. 21 MR. WALSH: Certainly.
118. 22 Q.JUDGE LANCASTER: It is at page 38. Mr. Shorrock, what you should have been handed
119. 23 is the statement of Andrew Wilkinson dated 10th of October, and you will see that he is the man
120. 24 who searches the kitchen, finds several items and places them into exhibit bags? - A. Okay.
121. 25 Q. And in particular he finds documents and papers which he puts in AW1 ? - A. Yes.
122. 26 Q. And "documents and receipts (verifications)" in AW2? - A. Right.
123. 27 Q. What you are being asked is where are these, where are the receipts, the verifications which were
124. 28 part of AW2? - A. I mean, I didn't make this document obviously.
125. 29 Q. No, I know you didn't. - A. There is other paperwork in AW2 so there could be receipts in relation
126. 30 to certain items, so I will need to check that.
127. 31 JUDGE LANCASTER: Do you want him to look at them, AW2?

128. 1 MR. WALSH: Well it has to be checked, your Honour, because it is fundamental.
129. NOTE THE EVIDENCE WAS FUNDERMENTAL THAT SHORROCK WITHHELD 2 JUDGE LANCASTER: Do you want to look at them now. I mean it is a live issue and you
130. 3 have asked him where are the receipts, do you want to satisfy yourself, Mr. Walsh, that they are in
131. 4 there?
132. 5 MR. WALSH: Well Mr. Shorrock has been in possession of that and it appears he cannot
133. 6 tell without looking in there.
135. 7 Q.JUDGE LANCASTER: He probably can't, no. Can you say without looking? - A. No I
136. 8 can't, but there are lots of pieces of paper. There are certainly letters in there and data cards, I know
137. 9 that much.
138. 10 Q. Well we will need to have a look won't we? - A. Will it be okay if I just get them out?
139. 11 JUDGE LANCASTER: Are there any you particularly want him to search for?
140. 12 MR. WALSH: The receipt from Mr. Dawson:
141. 13 Q. Forgive me interrupting your efforts, Mr. Shorrock, is that the purple folder you are referring to? -
142. 14 A. Yes, that is right.
143. 15 Q. Thank you? - A. I suppose that is sort of a receipt.
144. 16 Q.JUDGE LANCASTER: What is that then? - A. The letter from the Sussex Police to
145. 17 Mr. Dawson. I don't know if I would class it as a receipt but it is confirmation of property.
146. 18 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well this might unlock part of the mystery, Mr. Walsh. It is an
147. 19 undated letter addressed to the Sussex Police.
148. 20 "Please be careful with these birds eggs they are all legally held. The top
149. 21 two drawers were taken by the Police and were returned to me by the
150. 22 Magistrates Court as legally held."
151. 23 So that is consistent with what we have just heard from Mr. Shorrock.
152. 24 "The other drawers are of eggs which I had given away a few years ago. The
153. 25 person asked me if I would like them returned as he was now nearly 80 and
154. 26 did not require them any more. If I did not want them he would destroy
155. 27 them. I took them back and wrote to the RSPB to say I now had them in my
156. 28 possession and that they could come and view them should they wish to. So
157. 29 far they have not been."
158. 30 Then he makes a complaint about smashing in the front door and he wants compensation for it,
159. 31 MR. WALSH: May I see that please?

160. 1 JUDGE LANCASTER: Yes. I mean in fact that might be a reference, that might be the
161. 2 letter that your client has referred to as an invitation by Mr. Dawson to inspect,
162. 3 THE WITNESS: Also maybe Mr. Hemmings as well. He gives the age of the person, 801
163. 4 think is mentioned, that could be Mr. Hemmings, he is quite elderly.
164. 5 Q.JUDGE LANCASTER: That could be Mr. Hemmings could it, the 80 years old? - A. Yes.
165. 6 MR. WALSH: Can I just take instructions?
167. 8 MR. WALSH: That is certainly one of the documents, your Honour.
168. 9 JUDGE LANCASTER: Okay, so it is not missing at all then.
169. 10 MR. WALSH: Not missing but it certainly has not been produced. Now it has been
170. 11 produced. Could you look again please, it is the letter from Mr. Dawson?
171. 12 JUDGE LANCASTER: The receipt is what you want now, isn't it, for the eggs?
172. 13 MR. WALSH: Yes.
173. 14 JUDGE LANCASTER: Sorry a receipt for the £500 or £600 for the cabinet.
174. 15 THE WITNESS: I've been through it three times, but I'll have another look.
175. 16 MR. MORAN: Your Honour, wouldn't it be better if my learned friend did, otherwise the
176. 17 Defendant might think that something has not been revealed that is there.
177. 18 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well do you want Mr. Walsh to do it?
178. 19 MR. MORAN: I would prefer it, yes.


180. 20 JUDGE LANCASTER: All right. Well stop now please for a minute, Mr. Shorrock.
181. 21 Q.MR. WALSH: Can I just clarify, there is another piece of evidence I might be able to clarify
182. 22 quickly. Evidence was read out in the presence of Mr. Doddsworth to Mr. Dawson, is that correct?
183. 23 - A. That is correct, yes. It was a transcript of a TV programme, a two page transcript.
184. 24 Q. When you say evidence, do you mean sworn evidence? - A. It was put to him in cross-
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Default Re: (Illegal conduct) tell us your storys

185. 25 examination.
186. 26 Q. Put to who in cross-examination? - A. It was put to Mr. Dawson in cross-examination.
187. 27 Q. I want to be clear about this, did Mr. Dawson give evidence in that case? - A. Yes he did, yes.
188. 28 MR. WALSH: Your Honour, can I just take instructions on that?

190. 2 MR. WALSH: If you would just give me one second. Your Honour, that was a short point
191. 3 in relation to that.
192. 4 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well look, just sit down for a minute will you, Mr. Shorrock. You
193. 5 had better take hold of these and have a look with your solicitor.
194. 6 MR. WALSH: Yes, and also Mr. Doddsworth.
195. 7 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well I will leave them in court, they will have to go on the exhibit
196. 8 bench here. I will rise. If you tell me when you are ready.
197. 9 (Short break)
198. 10 MR. WALSH: Your Honour, I have one more question to put to Mr. Shorrock and then
199. 11 perhaps adjourn Mr. Shorrock temporarily while my learned friend and I perhaps see if we can
200. 12 short circuit what could be a very lengthy process.
201. 13 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well what have you just shown Mr. Shorrock?
202. 14 MR. WALSH: I have just shown Mr. Shorrock the note that was contained on the evidence
203. 15 bag.
204. 16 THE WITNESS: The Police exhibit label, your Honour.
205. 17 Q.MR. WALSH: Now, Mr. Shorrock, it is quite clear what is said in that exhibit label, it
206. 18 mirrors what you have been told is in the statement of the officer who filled in that exhibit label'
207. 19 A. I believe so yes, it has Mr. PC Wilkinson as the person originally seizing the item, yes.
208. 20 Q. And he has clearly put in letters with the same prominence as the letters that mark the fact that
209. 21 documents were received but that receipts were also received? - A. Yes it says "Documents and
210. 22 receipts." Documents and receipts in the plural, then in brackets it says "Verification."
211. 23 Q. Yes. It is right to say, well I don't want to give evidence, but there appear to be no receipts
212. 24 whatsoever in that bundle of document that you took from that bag? - A. Yes, apart from the '
213. 25 Sussex Police letter, but apart from that I can't see any what I would classify as a receipt.
214. 26 Q. The Sussex Police letter appears to be the letter in terms that Mr. Doddsworth is referring to in
215. 27 interview. Do you want to read it. Sorry, Mr. Shorrock, I don't think I have given you a chance t
216. 28 read that? - A. I thought the letter was reference to £600.
217. 29 JUDGE LANCASTER: There is no point in keeping the Jury hanging around is there?
218. 30 MR. WALSH: No.
219. 31 JUDGE LANCASTER: Can we send the Jury home?

220. 1 MR. WALSH: We may be able to short circuit this, your Honour, I know Mr. Moran just
221. 2 has his speech to make.
222. 3 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well he hasn't now, he is going to have to call this witness, isn't
223. 4 he?
224. 5 MR. WALSH: This is what we are trying to resolve, your Honour.
225. 6 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well you will not get your speech in tonight anyway.
226. 7 MR. MORAN: I don't know whether your Honour could just as it were wait to see whether
227. 8 we might fit in Mr. Shorrock's rebuttal evidence. The reason I mention it is there is a trial which I
228. 9 am due to do in Teesside which was supposed to start today which was put back until tomorrow
229. 10 because of this case overrunning. It is now 12 o'clock tomorrow, I was going to ask if your Honour
230. 11 would first of all consider sitting at 10 o'clock tomorrow, and also whether your Honour would be
231. 12 prepared to release me if I had the consent of the Crown Prosecution Service. Obviously that does
232. 13 not arise if your Honour were to say well this is not a case where I should leave, but I will be
233. 14 asking whether your Honour would be prepared to allow me, subject to me being contactable,
234. 15 should something arise?
235. 16 JUDGE LANCASTER: Well I can't see there is a problem with that.
236. 17 MR. MORAN: So any more evidence we can complete today, your Honour, would assist,
237. 18 although I am not going to get my speech in tonight, I can see that.
238. 19 JUDGE LANCASTER: No, you are not.
239. 20 MR. MORAN: Thank you.
240. 21 Q.MR. WALSH: So you have had a chance to read it? - A. Yes I have now, yes.
241. 22 Q. It appears to be a declaration by Mr. Dawson to the effect that he has had some eggs investigated,
242. 23 two trays of eggs? - A. Yes, that is correct, and I am presuming these are the ones which are
243. 24 predominantly the Skylark eggs.
244. 25 Q. He is also making a declaration there that he has invited the Royal Society for the Protection of
245. 26 Birds to examine his collection. I am not saying it is correct but that is—? - A. Yes, just let me
246. 27 read it sorry. Right it's referring to the other drawers and it is saying he wrote to the RSPB and
247. 28 asked if they wanted to come and view them.
248. 29 Q. Right, so that is the information that Mr. Dawson is giving to Mr. Doddsworth? - A. Yes it would
249. 30 appear so, yes. It is addressed to the Sussex Police but it was obviously written to
250. 31 Mr. Doddsworth.
251. 32 MR. WALSH: I don't want to ask any more questions because I think it might be better at
252. this stage if we just adjourn and see where we are going in terms of rebuttal evidence. It may be
253. that my learned friend and can I agree much of it.

254. 1 JUDGE LANCASTER: Right, if you could just stand down for a moment, Mr. Shorrock.
255. 2 MR. WALSH: It may be better if he leaves court at the moment, your Honour.
256. 3 JUDGE LANCASTER: You want him to leave court?
257. 4 MR. WALSH: Yes please.
258. 5 JUDGE LANCASTER: Not leave the building?
259. 6 MR. WALSH: No, not leave the building but just leave the room.
260. 7 JUDGE LANCASTER: Right, well if you could just leave the Courtroom for a few
261. 8 minutes, Mr. Shorrock. Could you just leave that document with the exhibits on the exhibits
262. 9 bench. All right, I will rise.
263. 10 MR. MORAN: Your Honour, it may be quicker if you stay.
264. 11 JUDGE LANCASTER: Fine.
265. 12 MR. WALSH: We do not want you to leave, your Honour.
266. 13 (Matter of law discussed in the absence of the Jury)
267. 14 (In the presence of the Jury)
268. 15 GUY SHQRROCK recalled
269. 16 Examined bv MR. MORAN:
270. 17 Q. Mr. Shorrock, the Defendant has referred to Peregrine Falcon documentation that he says is lost? -
271. 18 A. Yes, that is in relation to live Peregrines.
272. 19 Q. Yes, can you explain the history of that from your point of view? - A. Yes, earlier this year I was
273. 20 contacted by the Police and informed that Mr. Doddsworth was asking for some documents for
274. 21 some live Peregrine Falcons. There was some uncertainty as to what documents they were after
275. 22 initially. I spoke to a colleague in Newcastle, which is where the exhibits were held. As a result of
276. 23 that I informed the Police that I didn't believe we had the documents. I did not tell the Police that
277. 24 we had lost the documents. At a later date I was contacted by my colleague in Newcastle to say
278. 25 they had located the documents. As a result of that I re-contacted Police Inspector Sutton, had a
279. 26 conversation with him and the documents were returned to Inspector Sutton by recorded delivery.
280. 27 Q. Now on a similar theme it is part of the Defence case you will have gathered that within a purple
281. 28 folder, exhibit AW2, there were two records that are now missing. Do you have the purple folder?
282. 29 - A. The purple folder is here on the bench in front of us.
283. 30 Q. Can I pass that to you? - A. Thank you.
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Default Re: (Illegal conduct) tell us your storys

284. Q. Have you had a chance to go through those letters again and everything that is in there? - A. I have,
285. yes.
286. Q. Now first of all I think dealing with what we call the first alleged letter, is there a letter in there
287. indicating that the price of the sale was £600 and that the eggs came free? - A. No, I examined this
288. prior to the interview with Mr. Doddsworth, subsequently interviewing Mr. Doddsworth, in
289. September of this year when I received the copy from Newcastle, and also on Saturday. I have
290. examined it four times and I haven't found that document.
291. Q. Right. You were not present at the search, were you? - A. Not at the original search no. When I first saw the property it had been transported from the Police to our Newcastle office into the property store there and it was still in a sealed evidence bag with a police seal around it.
292. Q. And who was the first person to take the seal off? - A. It was myself and Mr. Leonard.
293. Q. Right. Now a second letter was referred to in these sort of terms, that it is a letter in which Mr. Dawson offers his collection of eggs for his examination by the RSPB. Have you had a look at this letter? - A. Yes, that is correct.
294. 15 Q. Broadly speaking may that be the letter that is referred to? - A. Yes. I was only aware of that today
295. 16 when Mr. Doddsworth raised it and I didn't recognise the letter from the description he gave this
296. 17 morning, but it probably is that letter.
297. Q. It is going to be copied for the Jury in due course but would you mind just reading it out? - A. Yes, it is addressed to the Sussex Police: "Please be careful with these birds eggs they are all legally held. The top two drawers were taken by the Police and were returned to me by the Magistrates as legally held." The other drawers are of eggs which I had given away a few years ago. The person asked me if I would like them returned as he was now nearly 80 years old and did not require them any more. If I did not want them he would destroy them. I took them back and wrote to the RSPB to say I now had them in my possession and that they could come and view them should they wish to do so. So far they have not been. The last time the Police smashed in my front door they had to pay me £350,1 shall be claiming compensation again. Please be careful with the eggs they are very fragile. Mike Dawson." And typed underneath his name M. J. Dawson.
298. Q. It is touched upon in the letter a previous case involving Dawson and eggs that were returned to him? - A. That is right, it was a colleague of mine who did most of the investigative work although I did have some involvement with that case.
299. Q. Right. Of the eggs in that cabinet are some of the eggs in that cabinet eggs that were returned to Mr. Dawson? - A. Yes, a fairly small number. There is 12 drawers in that cabinet, virtually the entire contents of the top drawer, which I think are nearly all Skylark eggs, and probably just over half the contents of the second drawer were the eggs subject to that original investigation of Mr. Dawson which were returned to him.
300. Q. And the eggs on Count 1 on the indictment, the Golden Eagle, Egyptian Vulture and Honey Buzzard? - A. None of those feature in the eggs involving the investigation of Mr. Dawson.
301. MR. MORAN: Yes, would you wait there and answer any more questions please.

302. Cross-examined bv MR. WALSH:
304. Q. That letter clearly refers to another episode, doesn't it, it doesn't refer to the episode where the
305. skylarks eggs were examined, because if you look at the top line? - A. Sorry, could you just repeat
306. that please?
307. Q. "Please be careful with the birds eggs, they are all legally held."? - A. Yes.
308. Q. That implies that the Sussex Police have the eggs in their possession? - A. Yes it does, yes.
309. Q. "The top two drawers were taken by the Police and returned."? - A. That is correct, yes.
310. Q. Past tense, previous enquiry? - A. That is right, that is what it suggests.
311. Q. "The other drawers are of eggs given away a few years ago."? - A. That is right, yes.
312. Q. Now this is where, "A person asked if I would take them back or he would destroy them."? - A.
313. Yes, that is what it says.
314. Q. And there is a reference to a man of 80 years of age and an earlier occasion you have referred to
315. your belief as that refers to a Mr. Hemmings? - A. Yes, the name of Mr. Hemmings was mentioned
316. I think this morning by Mr. Doddsworth and I consider that could be Mr. Hemmings given the age,
317. yes.
318. Q. So on the face of it, it appears to be a letter that accompanied a collection of eggs to Sussex Police
319. for examination? - A. Yes, it looks like that. It is undated of course but it does look like that, yes.
320. Q. And it is signed by Mr. Dawson? - A. Yes it is, yes.
321. Q. There was clearly a period of time, and I know you took umbrage at the description, but there was
322. clearly a period of time which the certificates in relation to the falcons were lost? - A. No they
323. were not lost, they were still in the original exhibit bag.
324. Q. They could not be found? - A. Yes, that is correct.
325. Q. And I am sure inadvertently, Mr. Shorrock, you wrongly told the Police you didn't have them, or
326. the RSPB you did not have them? - A. Yes, that was an error on our part.
327. Q. It is just to illustrate the point, when dealing with lots of documentation recording of that
328. documentation is important, isn't it? - A. Yes, that is right. Those particular documents were not
329. relevant to this enquiry, but again we should have noted them and they should have been returned.
330. Q. They should have been recorded? - A. Sony?
331. Q. The fact that you had possession of those documents should have been recorded somewhere? - A.
332. Well it is recorded as a police exhibit, as an original item that was seized.

333. Q. Now we eventually got you to look inside the folder and that is how we discovered that letter. Now
334. the letter came with an evidence bag? - A. Yes, that is right.
335. Q. Have you still got that yellow label, that might be it there. If you can just give me that. Because
336. Mr. Doddsworth is still adamant that there is a document missing, isn't he, and the document
337. missing is the verification of the sale, the receipt of sale of the cabinet given to him by
338. Mr. Dawson? - A. Yes I definitely haven't seen that document. It is such a significant document
339. that had I seen it on any of at least the four times I have been through it, it would have jumped out
340. immediately.
341. Q. But just look at what is written by the police officer, Mr. Wilkinson, on the sealed bag that he sent
342. to you. Read it out please? - A. This is a police exhibit label from Northumbria Police, it has got
343. description of the item. It says "Documents" in the plural and "receipts" in the plural and in
344. brackets "verification." It is given an identifying mark of AW2 which is the police officer's initials,
345. his second exhibit.
346. Q. There is no single receipt in the documents that you have produced today or at any other stage, is
347. there? - A. I have been through here, and other than that letter which I suppose could be classed as
348. sort of a receipt, other than that there is nothing that obviously jumps out as a receipt, no.
349. Q. So it appears something must be missing or something has gone wrong? - A. Well I mean I
350. obviously was not there, it could be just the way the police officers have recorded it.
351. Q. Well a receipt is fairly unambiguous? - A. Well I don't know, I don't know what was in the police
352. officer's mind when he wrote it out. I mean, for example, there were the list of eggs that were in
353. there as well.
354. Q. He is using the English language? - A. Yes, but I can't look inside the Police officer's head.
355. Q. No, but he is using the English language, you know what receipt means? - A. I know what receipt
356. means obviously, yes.
357. Q. Have you seen or discovered anything that fits the English language description of receipts? - A. In
358. here, no.
360. 27 MR. WALSH: Thank you.
361. 28 MR. MORAN: Does your Honour have any questions?
362. 29 JUDGE LANCASTER: No, thank you. Thank you very much, Mr. Shorrock. 30


Now ask yourself even if you were totally innocent would you like Guy Shorrock handling the evidence in your case unsupervised?
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Default Re: (Illegal conduct) tell us your storys

On December 3rd 2012 I got a male common buzzard who is ten plus years old. When he was an eyass he was taken from the wild IllEGALY and imprinted badly on food.He was then released when the owner found out what he did was illegal and released it.It then attacked humans and some organization caught it and gave it to a friend, who then gave it to me.The buzzard has never been flown free and not flown at all for at least 3 years, but he is now flying length of mews and it is time to take him out on creance
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Default Re: (Illegal conduct) tell us your storys

Are there any up dates?

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conduct, illegal, storys

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