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Old 04-11-2014, 12:18 PM
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Default Re: Falconry GPS Telemetry System by Bymap 16 grams

Now we have it in +-8,5 grams .
For more info : suport.bymap.gps@gmail.com

More pics

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Old 10-06-2015, 01:19 AM
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Default Re: Falconry GPS Telemetry System by Bymap 16 grams

I am aware of the following falconry GPS locator tags.

ByMaps: GSM based system, Portugal
Ledesma (Pigeon GPS): GSM based system, Spain
Marshall Radio Telemetry: Direct Radio Link (DRL) based system, U.S.A.
Martin Systems: DRL based system, U.K.
RTS Microsensory: Combination GSM and DRL system, Spain

The GSM based systems are best at long range, long term recovery. The delay time in response to exchange SMS messages with the locator tag limits their use in "convenience" mode. Phone exchanges use a lot of energy, so continuous data requests burn the battery in a hurry. Quoted battery life is highly variable according to the duty cycle programmed into the microcontroller. All functions require cell phone coverage at both ends. GSM is more practical in Europe where coverage is almost everywhere. TDMA (GSM) coverage in North America is through AT&T or T-Mobil. There are big holes in North American coverage outside of urban areas.

DRL systems shine at real time streaming data for position and altitude. They are best suited to the "convenience" mode ("everybody sit tight, she's headed back toward us" or "hold the flush, she's still climbing"). Marshall quotes 3-4 miles down and dirty, 10-15 miles line of sight. A UHF transmitter as back up is recommended. A transmitter will give 2 to 3 times the range of the data link. A dedicated data receiver is required.

Concerning the GB Falconry Supply model GTS-100: This unit is readily available under the model MT90 on E-Bay for $85 U.S. delivered. I personally consider marketing this as a falconry device at 160 pounds sterling to be a joke in bad taste.
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