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My tribute.The day you arrived looking like a pitiful wizened old man,was a roller coaster of a day ,frantic phone call from husband "this falcon is not what we are looking for --But I can't leave him here"!Enter Fin .You stood hunched up on my glove looking terrified ,dirty ,bedraggled ,so timid,so thin .Quietly and gently over the weeks/months you grew to trust,enjoyed your new environment and at last your amazing nature began to shine.We shared some lovely years and I feel so lucky to have been able to give you a few kind years of nurture.I have constantly been told "they are not pets"yes I know ,however this amazing falcon holds a very special place in my heart ,I will miss him dearly .I just wish he could somehow have known how much we cared for him,how very special he was to us.Thankyou Fin for all the smiles and laughter you gave us and the amazing journey we all went on together .
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