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Old 01-12-2007, 02:52 AM
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Default Re: William (Bill) A. Burnham----- 5 October 1947 - 16 October 2006

Originally Posted by zarafia View Post
This man's passing is a great loss to our world. I think I met him as a little girl. My grandfather Wilfred Kennedy told me he had an old friend with the perigrine program at cornell and knowing my obsession with falconry, he said we could go and see the breeding perigrines and meet a falconer (I was 9)
That trip changed my life. And the falconer I met had a huge white gyr.
Every time we lose one of these great men, like my grandfather, we loose a priceless treasure. They have left us very big shoes to fill.

If you have any Falconry mementoes, I would suggest and hope you would donate them to the Archives. They are commited to keeping any and all things relating to falconry. This includes peregrine restoration artifacts. If you give it to them with a direction on who owned them and who donated them, they will be forever dedicated in both names.

Thanks for sharing,

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Old 09-12-2007, 02:02 AM
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Default Re: William (Bill) A. Burnham----- 5 October 1947 - 16 October 2006

Let me clarify a little, My grandfather was not a falconer (although when he was a boy he did trap a redtail, said it was mean as hell, so he released it). He was a lifetime hunter and conservationist. I have read things written about him and how instrumental he was in getting access for hunters in many regions of New York state. In 1982 he received the Conservationist of the Year in New York. His name was Wilfred "Will" Kennedy and this world lost an amazing person when he passed five years ago. He was not a part of the peregrine project but had good friends that were. He taught me to shoot (rifle and skeet) before I was ten and if people had the teaching he gave me gun control would not be an issue. When he was nineteen he bought several hundred acres of farmland in the Finger lakes area and he and a good friend planted native trees there and he continued to manage and care for it (We called it Green Acres) untill he was in his late seventies and terrible ice storms in the late ninetys wrought such damage it broke his heart. Our family still owns Green Acres and I visit it every year. It's beauty is breathtaking and a few years ago I spotted a wild gos there. Grandpa took me to Green Acres many, many times and showed me all kinds of things, from wild turkey nests to a whitetailed doe who had a broken leg. He taught me about how the doe would lie still for almost two weeks, letting us approch her at a distance. He told me that the deer could stay camoflouged and still untill the leg had begun to mend unlike horses who had to be put down for the same injury. He showed me how to follow a blood trail and that to injure an animal and not track it and finish it was a crime against nature. He taught me that trees could be kept healthier by careful trimming, but that some must not be harvested because of all the animals that depend on old growth trees. He taught me that because people have achieved so much we are able and obligated to manage wildlife in a way that benifited all.
My grandpa was the best man I have ever known and I miss him terribly. I don't think they make men like him anymore.
Sorry if I have rambled here, but anyone who knew my grandfather was better off for the knowing of him. He and grandma were school sweethearts and lived their lives the way people should. This world is missing something good without them.

And as far as falconry artifacts go, I hit every country antique store I see looking for anything falconry related. I have found several old books that are invaluable to me but probably not that rare. Anything else that I might find in the future I will definately purchase if I can and if I can't afford the asking price I will attempt to put a deposit on and contact someone like you. I think it is very important to preserve anything from falconry's past and I think that the museum deserves all our support.

Thank you to anyone who reads this post through. I love my grandpa and he is one of my favorite subjects to talk about.
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