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Default Re: Does anyone buy steel shot pigeon

Originally Posted by Dean York View Post
According to my gunsmith unless the barrels are proofed to take steel also the choke isn't correct then yes he is right.

Taken from BASC......

What you need to know from a safety point of view.

There are two types of steel shot cartridges: Standard Steel and High Performance Steel.

Standard Steel cartridges can be fired through any gun proved to the standard level (ie most “Nitro” proved guns, proved to at least 930 bar) and through any choke.

High Performance Steel cartridges should always be marked as such on the box and should only be fired through guns that have passed Steel Shot proof. These guns should be proved to at least 1320 bar, be stamped with "Steel Shot" and a have a Fleur de Lys proof mark to prove it).

Most High Performance steel can be fired through any choke, but it is recommended not to use choke greater than a half for shot larger than BB (4.1mm).

As a result of its hardness and the typical plastic wad, steel does have the potential to cause some choke expansion ("bulging") particularly in older, traditional lightweight guns.

"Steel" shot is really soft iron. Its density is about 7.8g/cc (compared with around 11g/cc for lead shot) and it is much harder than lead - consequently it needs to be contained in a robust wad (usually plastic) to protect barrel walls from scratching or

Standard Steel shot cannot be larger than 3.25mm i.e. English no.3, but can be used through any choke. There is no limit on shot size in High Performance Steel cartridges but if it is greater than 4.0mm (i.e. English BB or larger) then choke less than half should be used.

Note that if any of the limits for Standard Steel are exceeded then that cartridge becomes High Performance and should be fired only through a steel shot proved gun. Note also that the limits on pressure, velocity and momentum for High Performance Steel should not be exceeded.

For traditional lightweight game guns, CIP recommends choke generally no greater than half while the British Proof Authorities recommend no more than quarter choke.

Steel shot prooved guns can either be bought already proved or be submitted for reproving for steel shot. Guns not designed for High Performance Steel cartridges will not normally be accepted for the steel shot proof.

High Performance Steel cartridges (and boxes) should be clearly marked. If not, check. It may be possible broadly to decide which type it is if the muzzle velocity is printed on the box with the load weight –

Do not use steel shot in any Damascus or twist-barrelled guns. Note that not complying with these rules risks damage to shotguns. Guns don’t "blow up". Scratched barrels are normally prevented by robust wads but guns can suffer choke expansion ("bulging"). This is usually barely visible and does not affect performance or safety, but may prevent the gun being accepted for reproving at a later date, and could affect its value.

More information on the BASC web site.
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Default Re: Does anyone buy steel shot pigeon

Kiezebrink pigeons are ex racers Destind for human consumption there gassed so no issues of hunt the pellet
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