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Old 19-02-2017, 06:24 PM
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Default Re: Flicker Male parent Peregrine x Prairie Falcon

Hi Terry,

Have you finished with him now and has his weight gone up.
As he has not been good for a long while now, i would suggest
a blood test with a vet.

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Old 21-02-2017, 08:14 AM
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Default Re: Flicker Male parent Peregrine x Prairie Falcon

I imagine that if you have tests carried out, the likelihood is that your Falcon will test negative for Cocci. However the symptoms will likely remain. That was my experience with 3 Separate Peregrines (one flown by my mate).

There is some research being carried out on this condition affecting pure Peregrines, but looks like you also have the same issue.

My main Falcon (the Intermewed Brookei), is in a breeding program.
my thoughts are that if she breeds, i'm hoping the youngsters will have some immunity (my plan is to fly a Tiercel). Back up plan is to fly a hybrid (possibly male Saker/Peregrine).

in Summary, it appears that although the Cocci has been cleared, there is something else affecting the Peregrines. It seems like you have the same issue.

I wonder if anybody has had the same issue, either with Pure Peregrines or Hybrids. All of the people I know who have had issues with Cocci flying Gyr/Peregrines, have had the Cocci clear, then not had the follow up issues.

I'll keep you posted, but it looks like the research is being conducted for the Middle East market, where money talks.

All of the UK vets seem oblivious, even the "Avian Experts".

Finally feel free to PM if you wish to have a chat.
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